Holiday Dinking Tournament

Wednesday, Dec. 21
Victor Gym (Greer – map)
Session #1 : 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Session #2 :
12:30 to 3:00 pm

The HOLIDAY DINKING TOURNAMENT (HDT) is a Round Robin Scramble event benefitting Adaptive Pickleball (501c3 nonprofit). It’s indoors at Victor Gym in Greer. A minimum $20 donation is needed to participate.

Every game at the HDT will be played at the kitchen line. Push dinks, lift dinks, and volley dinks are the only shots to hit. Any ball that lands outside of the kitchen line is out-of-bounds. Every game at the HDT is a dink battle.

Spots are limited to 24 dinkers per session in two skill level divisions: Intermediate & Advanced. 12 dinkers in an under 4.0 bracket (Intermediate) and 12 dinkers in a 4.0+ bracket (Advanced).

NOTE: Because of a strong response, we’ve added an under 4.0 (Intermediate) session at 12:30 pm.

You’ll play 11 games with a different partner every game. Each game will be timed at 8-mins. It’s match play scoring where each player on the winning team earns a point. If the game is tied after 8-mins, then all dinkers will receive a half-point. The top four dinkers in their division will compete in a “Dink-Off” and the last dinker standing will be crowned the Holiday Dink Champ!



  • Jeff Dunlaevy
  • Sharilyn Carpenter
  • Bill Sparling
  • Gavin Sparling
  • Christy Britt
  • Nicole Feeny
  • Denise Sheehan
  • Donna Tillman
  • Craig Iverson
  • Jeff Beane
  • Jeanne Harber
  • Ellen Odonnell

ADVANCED (9:30 am)

  • Steve Johnson
  • Joe Winans
  • Mike LaFiura
  • Leah Aragon
  • Drew Walker
  • Sandy Halkett
  • John Moore
  • Edwar Lara
  • Sandy Burris
  • Christian Shaw
  • Lewis Brady


  • Marvin Brinn
  • Sally Sclar
  • Lisa Meeks
  • Dan Davis
  • Paula Lawrence
  • Charyl Schroeder

Intermediate session (9:30 am) — FULL

Advanced session (9:30 am) — 2 spots available

12:30 sessionslots of spots

* as of 9:00pm on 11/26


Questions? John Moore —