Timmons Park — NOW OPEN

The two courts have been transformed into six gorgeous pickleball courts. (Yes, gorgeous!!!) The City of Greenville has opened the courts to the public. We can play on the courts with a strong caveat. Read below

There is not a court divider between the two banks of courts. This is a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE because balls will roll onto the pickleball court behind you while playing. The City is aware of this issue and will fix it soon.

Until a permanent divider is in place, Upstate Pickleball only wants us to use one bank of courts. That means we will have 3 side-by-side pickleball courts to play on. Once the City solves for the court divider issue, all 6 courts will be ready for us to get our Zero-Zero-Start on.

Unlike Gower Park, where we have a bin chained to the fence to hold balls and demo paddles, we do not have a bin (yet) at Timmons Park. Have patience with us. We’ve received approval for a bin from the City and are waiting for the City to install it.

Until the bin is installed, you will need to bring your own balls to play at Timmons Park.

These are exciting times. This has been a long time coming and it’s almost fully here.

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