Goodbye Gower. Hello Timmons.

Timmons Park has replaced Gower Park as the flagship place to play pickleball outdoors in Greenville. All previously organized play at Gower Park has moved to Timmons Park [map].

The City of Greenville has installed a locked bin at Timmons Park for us to store outdoor balls, demo paddles and our temporary court divider system. We are now ready to make the most out of playing at Timmons Park

Currently, organized play at Timmons Park is scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings starting at 10:00 am. Come join us to play.

With fall turning into winter, we will be moving to an early afternoon weekday start time for organized play. An announcement will be made when we make the switch to a later start time. (Please note that Saturday play will continue to begin at 10:00 am.)

Rain and cold temperatures will affect our play at Timmons Park. If it has recently rained, then it’s highly likely the courts will be too wet to play. Also, if temperatures are below 45 degrees then most players will decide it’s too cold to play outdoors. (We do have a handful of diehard players that will play in the coldest of temperatures.)

As always, refer to the Upstate Pickleball online calendar for playing locations and start times.

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