Fall Donation Drive

Pickleball is growing big-time in the Upstate. It’s an affordable game to play but there are expenses that need to be covered in order for us to enjoy having balls, paddles and other equipment needed.

It costs us about $150 a year to maintain both the Upstate Pickleball website and the online Playing Calendar. The price for balls adds up when each one costs about $2.75 each. We try to have 70 balls to play with at Gower Park and that costs us about $200. There are other venues where we supply the balls so the costs goes even higher. The price for having demo paddles at venues also adds up.

For the past year, we’ve been using the money collected (minus gym rental fees) from people paying to play at Sterling. We’ve also conducted a few Beginner Clinics with 100% of the money (minus gym rental fees) going to support Upstate Pickleball.

Our funds are getting low. We could use your financial support.

Please consider donating money to help improve your Upstate Pickleball experience. All money donated will go towards buying new indoor/outdoor balls, demo paddles, maintaining our website and other equipment/tools.

Our goal is to collect a minimum of $600 during our Fall Donation Drive. (We will be overjoyed if we can collect $1,000.)

There are two ways you can make a donation: credit card or cash.

Upstate Pickleball has an online store where you can make a $10, $25 or $50 donation. You can pay online using a credit card at this secure link:


Cash is also accepted. If you prefer to make a cash donation, please give the money to one of the following players: Fran Franke, Sandy Halkett, Dan Howes, Joe Montgomery, John Moore, Eric Thomas and Eric Thompson.

Thank you for considering making a donation to Upstate Pickleball. The more money we collect, the better we will be able to grow the game in the greater Greenville/Spartanburg area.

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