John Moore from Upstate Pickleball is available for group clinics and private lessons. His Next Level Pickleball clinic is for novice to intermediate-level players wanting to improve their game. Beginner Clinics will teach new players all the fundamentals needed to play Pickleball. And, he’s available for one-on-one and small group private lessons.


Has your game peaked? Do you find yourself losing to players you used to beat? If so, it’s time for you to take your Pickleball game to the next level.

In three 90-minute sessions over three days, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Next Level Pickleball.

Session one will teach you to dink better, volley with purpose and gain greater consistency with your third shot drops.

Session two will share smart doubles play strategies and you’ll improve the placement of your serves and service returns in order to open up winning opportunities.

Session three is competitive round robin-style play with helpful in-game coaching.

Participation is limited to a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 8 players.
$125 per player.

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Pickleball is easy to learn and fun to play for beginners. Come experience why Pickleball is called the “fastest growing sport in America” at this Beginner Clinic.

In one 90-minute session you’ll learn everything needed to start playing Pickleball. We’ll teach you the rules, how to hit the ball, how to keep score and basic game play. All equipment is provided and by the end of the session, you’ll be playing in an actual game

Participation is limited to a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 12 players.
$25 per player.

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Intense, focused and individualized instruction will certainly take your game to the next level.

John will design a training session to address specific areas of your game that need improvement. Expect to fast track your game with each session.

One-on-One Lesson: $50 (per hour)
3 Lesson Package: $130 total
Group rate (3 or 4 players, 90 mins): $30 per player

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John Moore regularly competes in Pickleball tournaments. He’s been playing Pickleball since 2014 and has significant experience in teaching intermediate and beginner players. John has been trained and certified by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. He’s an upbeat competitive player who enjoys helping players improve their Pickleball game.