Upstate Pickleball Clinic on Sat. Jan 20

Our Jan. 6th clinic is SOLD OUT.

We’re adding another clinic on Saturday, Jan. 20.

To win GOLD at your next Pickleball tournament you’ll need to start with Sterling… Sterling Community Center that is.

On Saturday, Jan 20th at 9:30am, UPSTATE PICKLEBALL is running a (second) CLINIC to take your Pickleball game to the next level. This clinic at Sterling Community Center will be led by Brandon Walters and limited to 12 participants. The cost is $30.

Reserve your space by sending an email to John Moore.

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Daytime Play at Victor City Gym

Victor City Gym [map] will be open for Pickleball play in the mornings for the next two Tuesdays (Dec. 12 & 19) from 9:00am to 12:30pm. (It’s for seniors 50+ but they will not be checking IDs at the door).

A strong showing on these Tuesdays may convince Greer Parks & Rec to add additional daytime playing opportunities.

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Introducing Piranha Pickleball

Upstate Pballers… if you’ve seen Michelle Giles playing lately then you’ve seen her wearing a fierce Piranha Pickleball hat.

Piranha Pickleball, that’s the name of Michelle’s side hustle Pickleball business. Besides selling hats, she is also selling Pro-Lite Paddles. Michelle has demo Pro-Lite paddles for you to try out. They include the Titan, Groove, Rockstar, and Blaster. For more information, read below.

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New Playing Days and Times at Victor City Gym

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Fall + Winter Hours at Gower Park

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New Demo Paddles and Academy Steps Up

If you’ve played recently at either Gower Park or Sterling Community Center then you may have noticed three new demo paddles from Selkirk.

Selkirk is one the most respected Pickleball paddle brands. Many of the top pros play with Selkirk paddles. Three players have already played with the 30P Epic paddle and felt it improved their game so much so that each one is buying the paddle. (Special thanks to Selkirk for donating these three paddles to Upstate Pickleball.)

Speaking of buying paddles, consider going to Academy Sports to buy your next paddle. This photo is from the Academy on Woodruff Rd. Obviously, Academy is stepping up their Pickleball merchandise.

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Brandon Walters offering Pickleball Lessons

Brandon Walters has an extensive tennis background. He’s been taught by some world class tennis instructors and as a former professional tennis player, he has tremendous knowledge to pass on to others.

Brandon started playing Pickleball in the summer of 2016 and if you’ve played with him then you know he has a complete game. His form, footwork and strategy make him a force on the Pickleball court.

He’s now offering Pickleball lessons to teach others how to play better and smarter. If you want to take your game up a level (or two), then absolutely get a lesson from Brandon.

Orestes “OB” Baez recently started playing Pickleball from years of tennis. He credits Brandon for helping him with the transition…

“Brandon has a great sense for court positioning and ball placement.He has helped me transition to pickleball strategy with his easy style and engaging commentary. I highly recommend him as a coach.” –OB

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Weekday Morning Play at Sterling

With school back in session, we are back to having the Sterling Community Center gym available for Pickleball play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings starting at 9 am until 12 noon.

It is highly recommended you sign-up to play so that we can better manage the numbers of players since there are only three courts. Once on the website, follow the directions to sign-up.

Sterling is located at 113 Minus Street in Greenville near the downtown St. Francis Hospital [map].

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Greenville Pickleball Spring Smash Recap

The inaugural Greenville Pickleball Spring Smash is in the books. Over 130 players participated in the tournament. Rain almost washed out Mixed Doubles play on Friday but the sun shined and matches were played despite 20 mph wind gusts. Ah, but Saturday… glorious day for Pickleball. Little to no wind and lots of spring sunshine.

Here are the medal winners…


age: 19+ | skill: 2.5-3.0
GOLD | Michelle Giles & Steve Nelson
SILVER | Susie Taft & Ted Riley
PICKLES | Nancy Vermilye & Dennis Vermiyle

age: 19+ | skill: 3.5+
GOLD | Emma Winiski & David Kimbrell
SILVER | Wendy Evans & Steve Johnson
PICKLES | Tara Walters & Joshua McClellan

age: 65+ | skill: 3.0
GOLD | Anne Booth & Ken Weitzen
SILVER | Marilyn Barnett & Ron Huston
PICKLES | Kathy Bergeron & John Hesson

age: 65+ | skill: 3.5
GOLD | Doreen McDonald & Bill McDonald
SILVER | Nancy Radar & Bill Radar
PICKLES | Judy Holland & Doug Allen


age: 19+/50+/65+ | skill: 2.5-3.0
GOLD | Katia Walters & Natasha Walters
SILVER | Nicki Dunn & Tricia Phillips
PICKLES | Debra Romaine & Anne Booth

age: 19+/50+/65+ | skill: 3.5-4.0
GOLD | Wendy Evans & Nancy Lenkowski
SILVER | Lora Mason & Karen Wolf
PICKLES | Betsy Donner & Doreen McDonald


age: 19+/50+| skill: 2.5-3.0
GOLD | Nicholas Golowich & Nicky Golowich
SILVER | Rob Claude & Scott Grove
PICKLES | Mike Allen & Ken Pankopp

age: 19+/50+ | skill: 3.5
GOLD | Joshua McClellan & Jacob Hill
SILVER | Robert Wilson & Greg Harabin
PICKLES | Dan Howes & Mike Vinson

age: 19+/50+/65+ | skill: 4.0-4.5
GOLD | Chad Cromwell & Chris Wolfe
SILVER | Dave Bailey & Art Worley
PICKLES | Joshua Cook & Seth Cook

age: 65+ | skill: 3.0-3.5
GOLD | Frank Kinder & Bill Cooper
SILVER | Dan McGonigle & Barry Baum
PICKLES | Gary Allen & Ken Klegon

Michelle Giles and Denise Newhouse took lots a great photos from the tournament and have posted them on Shutterfly for everyone to view and download the high-resolution images.

Here are are few choice pictures from the tournament. Enjoy.

*** View all photos on Shutterfly ***

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Pickleball is Growing in Popularity in the Upstate

A news crew from WYFF News 4 showed up on Tuesday night (Sep 6) at Victor City Gym (Greer) to do a story on the growing popularity of Pickleball in the Upstate. The segment aired on the 11 o’clock newscast.

Cathy Hailstone gets lots of on-camera time and does a fantastic job sharing the Pickleball gospel. Tom Boyer also gets some on-camera time and many other Upstate Pickleball players make one-the-court appearances. Click below to watch:


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